Time: 176 minutes
Straight football ladz do it on solo for our viewing pleasure !
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Tim is a cute blond footballer from south of France. He noticed how his teammates always check him out in the locker-room. It's no surprise, the French dude is very hot, nice body and a great juicy cock...Fans of football kits and lycra, you're gonna love this!

JNRC has for you an amazingly sexy young French footballer showing everything on camera! He starts off in his football top and white lycra short, already revealing the contour of two big balls and a promising dick...Cum and check him out!

Frank is a footballer is South of France. We saw him at training and approached him. The straight dude is a pure exhibitionist so showing off for girls or guys excites him equally. Watch him jerk off in his soccer kit...Hot!

Roberto is quite successful. He is a talented young footballer that all the girls and their mother love but Roberto doesn't care much for the girls. He likes boys and men and he loves showing off. We asked him if he wanted to make a solo video and give the chance to thousands of gay men to watch wank... He didn't think twice and accepted our offer!

Noel is footballer who plays for a small team is the south of France. He loves spending time with his mates on the pitch and even more sharing the changing room and showers with them. The smell of sweaty men drives him crazy. Noel knows he loves cock. He lives with his girlfriend and rarely has an opportunity to play with one. His mates only talk about pussies. He heard that JNRC was passing near his hometown so he gave us a call for a bit of solo fun in front of the camera. Check hm out!

A sexy 30 year old footballer is sexually frustrated. His girlfriend hasn't given him her pussy for weeks. In the changing room right now all he can think of is shooting his load...Check him out!

Eric is bisexual and so sexy, he doesn't even know how hot he is. He was in need of cash when we found him...So we gave him a few bucks in exchange for a solo scene. We had such a great surprise when he unpacked the goods! Not only he is hot as fuck but Eric is hung like a pony!

JNRC's solo videos are something really special. They've been around for years, everyone has seen at least one. Many guys who got off on them dreamed of appearing in one. Today with have one of them in our little studio. His name is Jean-Michel, a footballer from South West of France. He's always fantisised about exposing his naked body to a camera for thousands of voyeurs with their dicks in their hand! Cum in and have a look at him!

Jacques is an accountant. He lives a regular life, goes home after work and fucks his girlfriend. At the weekend he meets up with his friends at the local football club to brake a sweat and stay healthy. What nobody knows is that he gets excited at the sight of his friends wearing in their kits. It wasn't hard to convince him to follow us for a bit of solo fun in font of our cam!

Here is a footballer who knows what he wants: to be a great athlete. To improve his level, he has installed a real gym at home. It is in this space dedicated to the manhood he finds now solitary pleasures. Naked, tattoos appeared, the work it has undertaken already paid : his muscular chest are beautiful, his tattoos are nice, and his dick is hard.

"Hey my friend! My name is Eric. I'm an engineer and I'm employed by a famous company. I play football as a hobby. That keeps me fit. Today I'll be playing overtime in the changing room for you guys! Check me out!"

"My name is Christian. I play football in South of France. I'm gonna tease you while playing on a gym bench...removing every piece of clothing, slowly exposing every square inch of my hot body. I'm usually quiet and shy...until my balls get filled with cum. Then I don't care how, but it needs to come out. A guy, a girl, a mouth, a hand...I'm fucking horny!"

"My name is Eric.I'm a footballer from south of France. I like girls of course but when I can get my hands on a hot little dude I sure love to ride his ass! My cock is big and it's popular in the gym's changing room! Wanna join me?"

My name is Gilles and I'm a footballer living in south of France. If you hate footbal I'm gonna change your mind today. When you see me naked in the changing room, you're gonna wish you were kneeling in front of me to take my cock in your mouth! When you see my muscular ass, you're gonna so want to shove your hard dick up my hole!!! Check me out now!

Max is a young football player full of energy. Today the bad weather has postponed practice so the frustrated boy decides to use his adrenaline load at the gym. While lying on a bench and pumping his muscles his cock seems to be looking for some attention...

An amateur footballer from the south of France in a Lycra outfit, appears in front of the camera for the first time. He gets rid of the boots and takes out his juicy cock for a nice after-match wanking session.

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C'X : en perm, les militaires sperment
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M : rebeus et renois, grosses bites et impudiques
M : rebeus et renois, grosses bites et impudiques